2016 Highlights: Coder Academy's Year In Review

2016 Highlights: Coder Academy's Year In Review

We’re proud to say that 2016 was a huge year of firsts for Coder Academy!

We launched our much loved Fast Track bootcamp, kicked off our inspiring #CANChangeRatio program for teachers and high school girls, and ran our first children’s coding and makerspace school holiday workshops. Plus, we’ve also:

  • Helped our Fast Track alumni embark on a new, exciting career path with limitless possibilities, through our course, internship program and partner network.

  • Collaborated with the United Nations (ITU division) to establish our successful bootcamp model in the Philippines.

  • Partnered with Commonwealth Bank to deliver coding classes to girls in Sydney’s regional areas. So far, nearly 100 high school girls have learnt how to build an app and worked to strengthen their school community through technology.

  • Introduced hundreds of people to coding through our free Coding Kickstarter workshops.

  • Trained ~100 people how to build their own web applications through our short courses.

  • Ran our first hackathon in conjunction with Polyglot Group, of which two of the winning groups have since continued with their business ideas. We brought together over 50 tech and HR people to tackle issues facing the industry.

  • Hosted Node Girls events that have introduced hundreds of women to coding, and established a strong community of likeminded women interested in tech across Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Hosted key influencers including former Telstra CEO David Thodey, Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek, the Twitter API team from the States, and many, many more wonderful mentors and guest trainers.


This year, we plan to become even bigger and bolder.

  • We’ll teach high school girls from over 14 schools to code in just the first half of 2017.

  • We’ll be running SIX intakes of the Fast Track course across Sydney, Melbourne, and our new campus in Brisbane.

  • We’ll be introducing more primary school kids to coding, robotics, VR, and more with our Coding and Makerspace courses.

  • We’ll be ramping up our teacher training (BOSTES accredited), spreading the word on how to effectively implement the Digital Curriculum into your lesson plans.

  • We’ll continue to nurture all of our partnerships, and plan more epic events to engage Australians to get involved in tech!

  • We’ll run many more short courses to enable people like you to not only use the latest technologies, but create the technology and software of the future.

  • And, of course, we aim to continue to give back to communities that don’t have the privilege of exposure to coding, and will continue to work to open up opportunities to these people, and help them embrace technology as an essential skill for the future.





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