Former Telstra CEO Supports CA's Efforts to Retrain Aus Workforce

Former Telstra CEO Supports CA's Efforts to Retrain Aus Workforce

Former Telstra CEO and current CSIRO Chairman, David Thodey (aka one of our biggest fans!) visited the newest intake of Fast Track Bootcamp students to talk about the future of tech, and it's relationship to Australia's businesses and future.

He's very excited by AI.

Talking @DeepMindAI and @Airbnb with @davidthodey... The next big thing is in our students' hands. #AI #ML #bigdata 
"#AI and machine learning are going to change everything. Get the code to do it for you." - @davidthodey
He thinks coding is at a turning point where it could offer value to everyone.
"We need more people. We need more coders. We should be retraining people. That's why what you're doing is really great." - @davidthodey
There are amazing opportunities for you. We're at turning point where tech will drive value for all - @davidthodey


A former Assembly coder, he likes that coding now is practically real-time. If you're not familiar with Assembly, it's a super low level coding language, almost 1-to-1 with machine code.

He challenged our students to think about their value add: what differentiates them from others, what makes them a better coder, easier to work with, etc.

We had quite the reverse Q&A session. Our students were grilled on what they hoped to get out of the course! We have quite a few aspiring entrepreneurs in this crowd who plan to merge their pre-existent lives with their newfound skill (and love!) of coding. A handful of our students intend on combining their old careers with their new knowledge to create a superior tech product to beat anything currently on the market. Watch out world!

In David Thodey's opinion, the best coders have a holistic view of their code, 'always thinking about the value creation'. He also encouraged our students to support each other in their current and future endeavours because he feels collaboration is a key ingredient missing from Australia's current business ecosystem. As always, we look forward to David Thodey's next inspiring visit!

Fun fact: Did you know David Thodey used to study Anthropology & English at university? There's still hope for you, Arts students, if you despair you've made the wrong choice.




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