Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek visits Coder Academy

Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek visits Coder Academy

The inspirational Sydney MP, Tanya Plibersek, wanted to check out Coder Academy, get to know some of our students, and hear more about our coding programs for girls.

Not only did she learn a bit about coding, meet a few Bankstown Girls High School students from our #CANChangeRatio program with Commonwealth Bank, and chat to our Fast Track Bootcamp students about their experiences… she also got to take our HTC VIVE for a spin!

Here’s the low-down.

Before meeting with the girls, Tanya wanted to hear from our older students, those doing the 6 month intensive Fast Track program. She was eager to see what they would be using tech to do in the future. She asked them their opinion on computational thinking and whether coding is a skill that requires experience in math. This was a theme that came up often during the day. 

One of the girls even told her about the medical app she intends to develop one day, as part of her work in medicine and medical science.

The students from Bankstown Girls High School then took Tanya through their project and their wishes for the future.

As these girls learned to code, they gained skills they’ll take with themselves to their future careers, as architects, as doctors, and so on. They truly embody the spirit of CS+X. There is a history of brilliant women driving Australian technological innovation and our best tech companies and these girls have the potential to continue this proud tradition.

Tanya noted the importance of female role models in STEM subjects in her discussion with the teachers from Bankstown Girls High School:

"It was a female Year 9 mathematics teacher who persuaded me that my lack of confidence in mathematics was a socially ingrained ‘imaginary problem’. Even though we like to think that times have changed in the last 20 to 30 years, many millennial women still face these same issues today with being accepted into STEM careers"

Along the way she was offered the opportunity to try the VR kit and gladly took it up.

While she certainly had fun playing with the Wevr experience, on a more serious note she mentioned the potential of VR for education, particularly subjects like history, geography and anatomy where much of learning relies on experiencing and seeing for yourself.

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