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At Coder Academy we aim to promote equality and drive innovation through exceptional and relevant technology training. We run bootcamps that develop practical skills and necessary knowledge for our students to excel as Junior Developers both inside and outside of the classroom. Their positive attitude to lifelong learning and growth mindset are two of the many qualities that enables them to succeed when they enter the workforce.


Last year, as part of our focus on providing the highest quality, most relevant, and up to date accredited qualifications possible, a group of Coder Academy educators made submissions to PwC Skills for Australia's Cross Sector Projects on Cyber Security and Big Data to help make Australia's nationally recognised IT qualifications ready for the future of work.


Our submissions identified skill sets and microcredentials for Cyber Security and Big Data as critical for us, as an educational institution, to provide additional flexible options for upskilling and reskilling industry, as well as to offer opportunities to our existing students and alumni to update their skills.


We are happy to report that last week Skills for Australia released the following draft skill sets and units for consultation:


* Cyber Security Threat Assessment and Risk Management Skill Set

* Cyber Security Awareness Skill Set

* Protect own personal online profile from cyber security threats

* Identify and report online security threats

* Securely manage personally identifiable and workplace information

* Maintain security of digital devices

* Promote workplace cyber security awareness and practices

* Contribute to cyber security threat assessments

* Contribute to cyber security risk management

* Contribute to cyber security incident responses


You can view the new skill sets and units of competency here.


These units and skill sets are a huge step forward to enable education providers like Coder Academy to deliver training for the next generation of cyber security professionals. As we will be involved in the next round of consultations about these units and skills sets, we  are open to feedback and discussion with anyone interested in the cyber security space. You can read our submissions to the Cross Sector Projects on Cyber Security and Big Data for more information.


Following these exciting developments in the field, we have also recently opened  enrolments for the next intake of our Cyber Security Bootcamp in Sydney and Brisbane starting in May 2019. Our Cyber Security program includes a VET Diploma of Software Development (ICT50715) and masterclasses where students, guided by our trainers, get to interact with industry experts and develop their knowledge and skills to be cyber aware software developers.


The Cyber Security Bootcamp runs 2 full days and 3 evenings per week. To get the best out of the program, candidates must have a minimum of a Certificate IV level qualification in IT, or three years experience working in IT.  The program also includes an optional 4 week internship at the end of the 40 week program. At the end of this program, we anticipate to see a similar employment rate as we do across our other Bootcamps, currently sitting at 80% of Coder Academy graduates being employed within 3 months of completing their studies.


Why Upskill via Bootcamps?


Coder Academy Bootcamp style programs are proving a highly effective way of upskilling professionals and employees, as well as responding directly to industry demands. Coder Academy is currently delivering training for corporations like Australia Post, who wanted a pipeline of skilled technology savvy workers to drive innovation.


The Australia Post Technology Academy is open to anyone regardless of age or background, and was designed to upskill non-technical people in a short time by giving them the practical skills and mentorship they need to problem solve using technology. You can read more on Australia Post’s Tech Academy in the Australian Financial Review.


Moving forward, Coder Academy will be looking at how we can work on similar projects with other corporates looking to upskill their employees across a range of different technical skills including Cyber Security and Big Data.


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