8 Things You Must Know Before Planning to be a Blockchain Developer

8 Things You Must Know Before Planning to be a Blockchain Developer

The blockchain industry is heading for the title of the fastest-growing market in the whole IT industry. Since the area is garnering more and more interest around the world, experts are working hard to specialize even more to participate in this movement. That isn’t without reason, too.

According to one survey, the worldwide Blockchain market will reach $2.3 billion by the year 21. This has resulted in a growing need for backend developers and finance experts.

Also, the main reason why people are interested in a career in blockchain is career opportunities. For instance, the average median pay for a software developer is $80 thousand in the US. However, if such a developer wishes to specialise in the blockchain sector, he could see a salary north of $100 thousand.

If these numbers are appealing to you and you wish to become a part of a growing movement, then try yourself in this industry. Despite the attractiveness of the blockchain sector, there is a need for preparation. Here are the 8 things everyone has to consider before becoming a blockchain developer.


1. Get to know the basics

Before programming and complex algorithms, you have to get to know the very foundation of the blockchain system. Now, the system seems a little bit complex, but in reality, it relies on three principles. They are – decentralisation, immutability and, transparency.

The blockchain is not under the control of a central authority.Thus, it can’t be governed. The immutability lies in the fact that every piece of informational stays on the blockchain forever.

Due to its transparent nature, all the information is accessible to those who wish to find it.


2. Familiarise yourself with some online courses

Online courses have been somewhat underrated before, but this has changed. They’re filled with blockchain-related material of all kinds. From a simple introduction to complex software creation, you can learn everything you desire.

Before you embark on the journey, we have two recommendations.

At Udemy, you’re getting a versatile guide that covers everything. With it, you can understand how does the technology work.

At Coursera, you can try out their cryptocurrency-oriented course. There, you can acquire all the concepts needed to create software for Bitcoin-like currencies. 


3. Learn about data structure

Because the blockchain functions on a decentralised basis, you need to be able to grasp the elements of the data structure. Structures like Stack or Tree are needed to become a developer, as well as time and economy. Allocating resources is everything when it comes to blockchain technology.


4. Start learning a programming language

Since you’ll be writing software based on complex principles, you ought to be knowledgeable about programming languages. Coder Academy’s coding courses are a great place to start. We typically recommend HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails for beginners. After that, you can advance and master other languages, according to your preferences and specialisation, like JavaScript or Python. However, you may need to learn new ones along the way.


5. Learn cryptography

Cryptography is one of the building blocks of the blockchain technology. It’s a skill which specialises in protecting digital data and encrypting assets. This is so that data and assets remain in existence forever, but still unavailable to unauthorised individuals. More and more organisations opt to do business and save their funds via blockchain.

How important is cryptography, really? Well, all you need to analyse is the fact that all Bitcoins have now reached a value of $1.2 trillion. People are willing to invest in a safe, non-taxed and efficient system of resource transactions. Corporations and stores around the world have started accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum because of this.


6. Study distributed computing

To master the blockchain, you have to know what enables developers to design these large-scale networks. Unlike torrents, fusing blockchain with distributed computing improves security.

Because contributions are on the rise, everyone has a chance to be involved in network quality improvements. More and more entrepreneurs are investing in blockchain security, and breakthroughs are to be made.


7. Mechanism design

Mechanism design is a link between distributed computing and cryptography. With it, you can create more secure algorithms, to involve more peers into the global Crypto network. As your knowledge accumulates, you will find easier to design efficient systems.


8. Development platforms

Knowing platforms is a great way to learn something new. Ethereum and NEO are some of the most prominent, alongside Dogecoin and Litecoin. Analysing the structure of these platforms will give you an understanding of the blockchain world like nothing else. No blockchain app or cryptocurrency was created from scratch. That’s why all the developers support each other and exchange knowledge so that advancement can be reached.


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