Career Paths For A Junior Software Developer

Career Paths For A Junior Software Developer

There are many career paths you could take after your first job, both technical, and in technology management. There are even different kinds of jobs in web development, and different kinds of ways to work. You can be a freelancer, work in a tech firm, a web dev studio, even a non-tech firm. You can do front-end, back-end, full-stack, app-dev, or even just specialise in a particular technology. It can just be the start of a journey to becoming a technical lead, software architect or Chief Technical Officer, or you could take a step to the side and move into business analytics and consulting specialising in tech. Either way, there's something for everyone.

In Australia in fact, there are almost five jobs for every coder. Coders currently in industry get pelted by recruiters every day with job offers. This makes now the perfect time to start a career as a web developer. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, there is a heavy and constantly increasing demand for coders who write high-quality code, and experienced problem solvers who design creative solutions. You could work in a tech company, or the tech team of a non-tech company, or even as part of an agency. Bottom line is: every company nowadays needs a coder like you! There's a world of opportunity out there!


Junior Web Developer: $56,221

You’ll start here. Most junior web developers stay in the role for 1 to 4 years.

Web developers working for a small non-tech company may often code the front-end and the logic, but others working for tech companies will most likely specialise.


Junior Web Developer: MullenLowe Profero

You will be a part of a front end development team that builds, maintain and support ongoing projects. You will be working with version control tools on a day-to-day basis as well as working closely with lead developers on issue resolution. Using your solid knowledge on cross browser compatibility and accessibility, you will be responsible for ensuring all projects are met with highest quality and internal guidelines standards.

Junior Full Stack Developer: PwC Australia

This is a client facing role, working in a multi disciplinary team to deliver new products and real benefits for our clients. Our goal is to always deliver solutions for our clients that address real business problems and provide tangible benefits. This role sits in The Experience Centre team within the Tech discipline, alongside the UX, Creative Design, Strategy & Innovation and Business Development disciplines. We are one team with a flat structure, developing people with mentoring and coaching rather than a traditional management approach.

Application Developer: $67,337

App developers make native apps for mobile. They write for Android and iOS. Web development skills are reasonably transferable to app dev as the concepts are not too different.


iOS Developer: Nine Entertainment Co.

You’ll use your technical expertise and creativity to assist in building and maintaining our iOS native app portfolio. You’ll work closely with product owners and designers to deliver the best results utilising the latest agile practices and modern development techniques. You’ll enjoy solving problems and researching new technologies and techniques to continuously improve our systems and processes. You’ll get to work on a high-profile apps with over a million downloads and long roadmaps for future development.


UX Designer: $70,272

UX designers who can code know things their colleagues don’t, making them an invaluable bridge between development and design, especially in smaller outfits, but also in larger companies where projects are more complex. They usually earn a little more too. Well worth shooting for. UX will only become a more important role in the future. Code is king, but you’d be hard-pressed to convince people to use poorly designed software.  


UX Designer: Peoplebank

Complete wireframes. Pitch creative. Recommend brand/colour. CX/UX Design. Translate existing brand rules. Produce .jpgs with 'Wow!' factor

Senior Web Developer: $80,430

Senior web developers are somewhat like technical leads. They really know their stuff. Their role includes working with the software architects, and mentoring interns and junior developers as well as of course, coding.


Senior Web Developer: WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff - Asia Pacific

We are seeking a Fullstack Django / Python Engineer  with strong Javascript skills, to join our digital team in Melbourne. The Digital team specialise in solving complex customer problems by providing customised and intuitive web-based and mobile software solutions. We seamlessly blend user experience, web design, software engineering, website testing and project management with a focus on delivering compelling and engaging websites that are robust, scalable and efficient.

Lead Full Stack Developer: PwC Australia

This is a discipline lead role, and you will be responsible for client facing work, but also leading the back end development discipline, and growing the team in terms of both hard and soft capabilities. The technical spec below is purposely broad, and not all of the listed experience is essential. We are looking for someone with very strong commercial experience as a full stack developer, who can mentor a team that works across many technologies and frameworks. This role sits in The Experience Centre team within the Tech discipline, alongside the UX, Creative Design, Strategy & Innovation and Business Development disciplines. We are one team with a flat structure, developing people with mentoring and coaching rather than a traditional management approach.

Business Analyst: $81,288

Business Analysts who used to be coders are a bridge between IT and the business stakeholders. They often assist to build out internal systems. Instead of producing plans, the business analyst produces ‘requirements’ which clearly state the business needs and align with business processes. The requirements are then used by the IT team or an external supplier to build or modify the system. While the system is being built the business analyst is on hand to deal with issues and questions, and to support the business in implementing the required changes to make effective use of the new system.


Business Analyst: Amaysim

Naturally, you’re an experienced Business Analyst who is as comfortable in the boardroom as dissecting bugs with end-users, or going under the hood with the dev team. You’re a fast learner, passionate about technology and would thrive in a stimulating role working with a complex, constantly evolving product. You have experience working with a digital development team. Agile/SCRUM expertise. You’ve worked with SCRUM/Agile methodologies managing enterprise-level development projects. Exceptional written skills. You know how to document technical software requirements and write concise, easy-to-understand user-stories. Exceptional verbal communication skills. You can comfortably work with both business and IT people all the way up to the executive level. You need the discipline and flexibility to operate in multiple modes (the "now" of the current iteration and the "later" of upcoming iterations).

Technical Business Analyst: THE ICONIC

This role will oversee the Warehouse Management System (WMS), our backend order system and integration and with our ERP system, with a focus on enhancing them to optimise supply chain processes whilst striving towards supply chain best practices. This position is responsible for building the business requirements then designing and developing improved processes. This includes ensuring the end product is well balanced between business requirements, software capabilities and end user usability.

IT Consultant: $81,296

They work in partnership with clients, advising on how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Some provide strategic guidance, while others also set up the new systems.


Software Product Manager: $99,711

Software product managers are in the intersection between business, technology and user experience. A good product manager must be experienced in at least one, passionate about all three, and able to converse with practitioners in all. They test the product, talk to users and get feedback first hand. They have an understanding of the technology stack and the level of effort involved that is crucial to making the right decisions. They take responsibility for optimising a product to achieve business goals while maximising return on investment.


Technical Program Manager: Stan

The Stan engineering team is seeking a talented and motivated Technical Program Manager to join the team. The role is a team leadership role championing delivery success and is the perfect role for a technical program manager with a passion for ensuring on time delivery in a fast-paced, growing company.

Software Architect: $111,706

A Software Architect is accountable for software quality. They are good coach and a teacher, with a lot of patience, an effective communicator and negotiator: A diplomat who is an expert in their technical domain. They can envision the “right” architectural approach to their customer’s problem set, given the business objectives of the architect’s organisation. They are on hand to actively consult on the application of the architecture, to explain the rationale behind architectural choices, and to make amendments to the architecture when justified.

Software Development Manager: $118,457

Software Development Managers scope out projects for internal and external projects. They work with Business Analysts and other company decision makers. Depending on your organisation and how you work with outside groups this could be a major part of your work.


Digital Nomad: 40% more than at home

There are many ways to be a digital nomad. You live and work in local places as you travel, and while you travel, you can:

  • have a full-time remote job for a company

  • do freelance work

  • own an offline business, but manage it remotely while you travel

  • sell physical products online

  • sell digital products online

Developers who work remotely earn on average 40% more than counterparts in their home country, and 50% lower living expenses. That’s a 200% increase in living standards. What’s not to want? Nothing, we tell you.

Startup Founder

Startup founder salaries are dependent on their savings and the success of their startup.

Chief Technical Officer: $147,748

3 to 10 years down the track, you can reach for the sun.

The sky's the limit in web development. Give it a go! We have a range of short and part-time courses for you to try out coding to see if it is for you.

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