Music: The Fuel That Keeps Coders Ticking


You often hear about developers plugging away for hours on end with only their earphones and some nice tracks for company. It’s reputed to be a major productivity booster, keeping concentration high long into the night and moving developers into the zone. We decided to ask some developers what they listen to while coding.

What is particularly popular was music without words and some element of repetition, of all kinds, from trance to jazz to classical. It should be epic or whimsical, and the tracks should blend into each other. You might even like video game backing tracks or film scores as a companion. Personally, i’m a fan of Halo and Final Fantasy.

Another option is white noise soundscapes, like running water, ‘coffee shop’, and heavy rain. Rainy Mood, A Soft Murmur or Ultimate SciFi Spaceship Soundscape

Musicforprogramming has some playlists by developers, and that 90s movie hacking UI.

Common genres are

  • House music

  • Nudisco

  • Chillwave/chillstep

  • Deep house

  • Jazz

  • Electronica

  • Instrumentals

  • Classical

  • Progressive house

  • Psy trance

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