10 Things to Know Before Developing an iOS App

10 Things to Know Before Developing an iOS App

The world of mobile apps is perfectly suited to budding entrepreneurs. The initial costs to have an app developed are low while the chances to have a substantial user base are higher than other niches. This makes turning your idea into a stellar app an even enticing prospect. And there is no better platform than iOS to do that!

But before you jump right into the thick of action, here are 10 things you should know before entering into the world of iOS apps.

Know Your Market

Any new business venture needs good market research. This fact is even more important when it comes to apps as you’re not competitors are not local, they are from all over the world. Hence, it is important that your app idea is carefully vetted to make sure that your app offers a unique selling point to your target audience.
When you closely analyse the strengths and weaknesses of apps that offer similar services, you are able to learn from their mistakes and have the right knowledge base to offer a much improved experience to your users.

Quality Matters

Industry reports suggest that as of January 2017, there are an estimated 2.2 million iOS apps available to users on various devices - this number is only expected to rise in the future. This means that your target audience will always have options to choose from as there will most possibly be other apps that provide similar services to your user base. This is where quality matters - app users are notorious for their low tolerance to bad performance as they happily switch to better performing apps.     

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Higher levels of security, efficient use of user data, a smooth and intuitive UI are just some of the parameters you need to take care of to make sure your app provides the best possible experience to your users.

Choosing The Right Team

There are thousands of app development studios out there and even more independent app developers. Depending upon their level of experience, different developers offer different things to your venture. A good developer or development team will provide you inputs on your app’s aspects ranging from UI to new features as well as how to better market your app. Hence, it is very important to choose the right set of people to work with for your app.

Before deciding on a team, go through their portfolio. If possible, talk to their previous clients to find how their experience with the team was.

Build The App In Increments

If you have allocated a certain budget to develop your iOS app and that number is not too high, going for an MVP solution is a good way to turn your idea into an app. A mobile app is like wine - you can get it cheap too but the more expensive it gets, the better it feels.

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In case of tight budget, starting with a basic version of your app allows you to launch it and test waters to see how your target audience is responding to it. If the response is not very positive, you can go back to the drawing board and optimise the offerings of your app further for better results without having spent a lot of money the very first time.

Don’t Neglect The Design

Many a times, app owners spend less on design to bring down overall costs of their apps. This can be a fatal mistake. Always remember that your target audience remembers your app by how they felt while using it. If the user experience of your app is bad, there’s a big chance that your app will see high abandonment rates irrespective of the services it claims it offer.

Image Source: http://www.buzinga.com.au/buzz/6-reasons-why-users-are-leaving-your-app-and-what-to-do-about-it/

Time spent on perfecting the user experience is worth it. Don’t hesitate in going back and forth with your team if you’re not satisfied with the look and the feel of your app.

Code Correctly

Though your app’s code is something the end users will never see, the quality of the code that powers your app gets reflected in aspects like the app’s load speed, its size, and the general way it behaves when being operated.

This is where you need a fine balance of cost effectiveness and quality. An app might cost you less but if it’s badly coded, it will prove to be much more expensive in the long run.

Test your app thrice. And then test it again

Quality Analysis is one of the most important facet of any app development project. Once your team delivers the app, make sure that you test each and every aspect of your app and cover every possible scenario that your end users might experience.

Test it yourself, then make your close friends and family use it, then perform alpha testing with 50 odd users. These steps help you identify any bugs that might have slipped through

Price Your App Right

Your market research should give you a good idea about what your competitors charge users to use their app. Aimed with this knowledge, try to keep your app reasonably affordable, at least at the beginning. In the world of apps, revenue Is sometimes less important than value. This is also why many of the world’s most popular apps are free or cost very little to use.

They instead earn a loyal fanbase of users. Whether your app is a taxi booking service or an essay service helping students, you can always earn revenue using alternate methods like advertisements, premium features and the like.

Get The Word Out

Like every other product, your app also needs a generous dosage of pre-launch marketing to generate buzz among early adopters. There are several channels you can use to spread the word around such as Social Media platforms like Facebook, or traditional local advertising.

Regardless of the channel you’re using, the focus should be to make as many people aware of your app’s existence as possible. After the initial buzz, a lot depends on the quality of your app. A good app generates users by word of mouth while a below average app does the same in a negative fashion.

Keep Adding To The App

A good app never stops “developing”. It is always good to add new features every now and then to keep your user base engaged with the app. Even if you don’t have any new feature to add, you should always keep your app updated to the latest industry practices.

Regular maintenance should be performed to make sure the app is well-oiled. User feedback should be worked upon immediately. And a change of design every now and then keeps the users coming back for more.

Armed with these tips, you can go out and get started with turning your idea into a great app. Always remember to optimise your idea as well as the app to stay with the demands of the ever-changing times.

If you’ve recently developed your app, do let us know how your experience was. We’d love to hear from you!

About Laura: Laura Buckler is a contributor and a marketing manager. Her people skills help her navigate a world full of change and uncertainty, while her ability to play with language is what led her to a freelance writing career. You can follow her on Twitter.

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