36 Cool Sites Built On Ruby

36 Cool Sites Built On Ruby

Ruby has become an increasingly popular web development language, especially after the development of Rails by 37 Signals. Many startups and innovative companies build with Ruby. They chose Ruby because it’s easy to pick up. It’s expressive and easy to read and so much less fiddly than, for example, PHP or .NET.  That in itself makes web development faster and easier.

Ruby is ideal for the new ‘Agile paradigm’ of software development, otherwise known as rapid, iterative development. Ruby has adopted the very best elements of obscure languages including Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp to create a very versatile coding language. It supports multiple programming paradigms, making it easy for companies and those learning to code to pick what works best for them.

Because of this, Coder Academy specialises in teaching Ruby. After only one coding workshop, you can go from no coding experience to building stellar websites with Ruby (like these 36!). Ruby is a favourite amongst companies that would have been startups at the time Ruby started taking off, but older established companies like News Corporation and Bloomberg have also rebuilt their web properties in Ruby. Not to mention, Ruby developers are still some of the highest paid coders on the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at these 36 awesome sites, and discover the endless possibilities of knowing how to code in Ruby!

  1. 500px: A photo licensing and sharing community, it promotes professional photography.

  2. Airbnb: The company that transformed the short-term stay market is built in Ruby.

  3. A List Apart: This web development resource is written in Ruby.

  4. Ask.fm: The popular music service is served by Ruby.

  5. Basecamp: Project management software. The CTO of this company in fact developed Ruby on Rails, which was first used on & for this website.

  6. Bloomberg: This business news service is built on Rails.

  7. BigCartel: E-commerce software for small business. This Australian company builds on Rails.

  8. Couchsurfing: Like Airbnb, except you stay with the people whose place you are in. Free accommodation with a cost.

  9. CrazyEgg: Marketing software by Neil Patel that shows you a heat and scroll map of how people are using your website.

  10. Crunchbase: Startup information resource by TechCrunch. They provide in-depth data on capital raisings, key staff, and acquisitions.

  11. Dribbble: Online portfolio for graphics and web design

  12. Envato: A marketplace and community for creatives, specialising in web designers and developers

  13. Fiverr: A place to buy and sell products and services for just 5 dollars, a site that has gotten many a freelancer and startup off the ground, is written in Ruby.

  14. Freelancer: One of the biggest freelancing websites, it really kickstarted the whole digital freelancing movement. Runs on Ruby.

  15. Funny or Die: A famous comedy site with skits featuring celebrities seen by millions of people, founded by comedy actor Will Ferrell.

  16. Github: The most well known and well used version control and open source culture enabling service, Github makes life and work easier for developers the world over.

  17. Goodreads: Book reviews, recommendations, and discussion

  18. Groupon: The online deals marketplace that IPOed.

  19. Heroku: Web hosting service that makes it super easy for startups to host sites developed in languages including Node, Ruby, Java, Scala and PHP in the cloud.

  20. Howcast: Videos of how-to-do nearly everything

  21. Hulu: An American TV and movie streaming service,

  22. Indigogo: This is a crowdfunding website where you can fund commercial and community projects.

  23. Kickstarter: The most popular crowdfunding website in the world, it’s purely for commercial projects

  24. News.com.au: News website owned by Rupe Murdoch.

  25. Oneflare: A marketplace to find tradies in Australia.

  26. Scribd: Scribd is Netflix for words. You can access books & audiobooks.

  27. Shopify: An e-commerce platform, optimised for small product businesses.

  28. Spree: E-commerce solution. This one you host on your own server.

  29. Soundcloud: Music streaming service.

  30. Slideshare: Slideshow sharing website bought by LinkedIn. Mostly business tutorials.

  31. Square: Merchant banking software company founded by Jack Dorsey

  32. Themeforest: A marketplace for website themes & Wordpress themes, this is one of Envato’s portfolio of websites.

  33. Twitch: A social video platform and community for gamers. They introduced such joys as trying to compete in a game through committee.

  34. Urban Dictionary: Your favourite resource for checking out what x means was written in Ruby on Rails.

  35. We Heart It: This site shares popular social media content, specialising in ‘positive’, ‘beautiful’, images.

  36. Zendesk: This is project management software.


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