Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Are coding bootcamps worth it?


Course Report, the leading authority in bootcamp education reported that in 2017 coding bootcamps will graduate around 23,000 students, ten times what it was in 2012 when the bootcamp model began. With its appeal of fast-paced, immersive coding education and an assurance to make you job ready, the industry has become worth USD 260 million. These coding bootcamps are like the trade school of the digital age. They provide you with the necessary skills to get the job, in this case, coding skills, in a shorter time and cheaper format. Furthermore, the employment rate of these bootcamps is nothing to scoff at. It normally takes a graduate between 1-6 months to find their first job, and in that time 85% of them find jobs they want.

There is no doubt that for many looking to get into a career in coding, bootcamps provide a cheaper and faster route compared to the traditional four-year computer science degree. It is time to ask whether this alternative route is genuinely worth it.



The cost of education is always the first consideration for many while choosing different programs. The average cost of an undergraduate degree for Australians will go up to AUD 50,000 in 2026 for a three-year degree. This is even more expensive for international students.

The yearly tuition fee for a bachelor of science degree can range from AUD 19,000- AUD 38,000. Coding bootcamps are much cheaper relative to universities. Tuition fees can range from free to USD 24000 for the whole program. However, the average cost is around USD 11,400. Looking at the value for money, it seems as though that for less than half the cost of university tuition fees, boot camps promise to give you industry relevant coding education, exposure to companies and internship opportunities.


Immersive Learning

The fast-paced and immersive nature of coding bootcamps is one of its strongest features. Most bootcamps are as demanding as a full-time job if not more, requiring you to spend 40+ hours per week learning how to code. While these bootcamps have days off, that too will be spent trying to debug code or working on a project together. It is not hard to imagine that such a demanding learning schedule for 14 weeks will lead to the concepts of coding being drilled into the heads of the students.

The power of immersive learning is not new. We’ve always known that summer vacation in Spain will teach your more Spanish than six years of taking language classes in high school. Being exposed to a supportive environment, where everyone is passionate about the same thing, and try to master it every hour of the day, really helps. There are students in our coding bootcamp that have gone from not have coded at all to being masters in 6 months.


Job Prospects

Coding bootcamps boast great numbers when it comes to getting their graduates hired. Course Report, in its study, found that 79% of the graduates are placed in a job within four months of graduating. Also, 80% of the graduates reported that they'd been employed in a job requiring the skills they learned at the bootcamp.

These are high numbers for any program, and there is a lot that goes into making sure that the job prospects are excellent for the graduates. At Coder Academy, we take in people who come from diverse work backgrounds and have had a few years of experience. We believe that for these kinds of students, coding brings a lot of value to their already existing skillsets, making them competitive in their fields. Furthermore, we teach industry demanded coding languages, provide mentorship, and conduct internship programs at top tech companies in Australia. All of these add to our graduates being demanded in the industry and hence getting a job as soon as they graduate.

Coding bootcamps are still a new phenomenon in the coding education world. While it may seem like pursuing this alternative form of education is highly risky, it is hard to deny the facts that they work. If all you want to do is learn how to code in a short-time and start your career, then there is nothing close to the value that coding bootcamps bring.


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