Balancing Theory And Practice At Coder Academy

Balancing Theory And Practice At Coder Academy



Every day a few new concepts are taught in the mid-morning when the mind is still fresh and fully awake. The goal is first to explain the philosophy behind the concepts we’re about to teach, and then . Sometimes we even go into how fields like discrete mathematics have influenced the history of software development. The rest of the time is spent learning and working out how to apply new knowledge on your own. We always have two teaching assistants on hand to help out and guide you towards the answers. These TAs keep their minds sharp by assisting our partner dev agency.

Trent Shields:

At Coder Academy we see programming as a medium through which our students build their future. Some of our alumni have built businesses, others have moved onto roles at startups and corporates alike. We tailor the course to our students individual goals and enable them to solve real world problems. More importantly we enable them to leave here feeling they are capable of learning and growing without us.

There is a fierce concentration on learning how to think like a developer and knowing the right way to look. Our aim is to turn our students into self-directed learners who will be able to make sure they always know what’s going on in the software world and how to teach themselves. We show them how to pick up the patterns and commonalities between languages, through teaching two separate JavaScript frameworks, Node and MEAN. This means that if they were to use Java, React or even C or C++ at work, they could easily pick it up. The idea is that they are language agnostic. We prize thinking like a coder, knowing how to tear questions apart.


Ruegen Aschenbrenner:

The amount of libraries, languages and so on grow increasingly each day - however the core concepts of how the web works or programming fundamentals don’t change as dramatically. We encourage students to grasp the concepts rather than whatever the current ‘flavour of the month is’ as well as how to think as a developer and ask the right questions - in order to find helpful information needed to solve a problem.

If a student knows how to break down complex problems into simple bite sized problems and create simple solutions then they can tackle any tech challenge.

We aim for our students to leave the program with the same eye for product as a project manager, the forward thinking of a software architect, and the vision of a web designer. They are keen and excited for the challenges which await them in the workforce.

Every week, and every term, the aim is to increase in complexity, give more interesting challenges, more involved projects.

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