Nine Myths Holding You Back From A Coding Career

Nine Myths Holding You Back From A Coding Career

Have you been thinking (and thinking and thinking) about a career change into coding? Do you keep hearing a little voice in your head saying ‘coding is not for you’? Don’t let it deceive you any longer! As it turns out, most of your reasons (aka all of the below) not to become a programmer are unjustified...

Learning to code is too difficult.

To start is simple. To attain mastery is more of a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get help as you build up. Of course, you may find you’re better at some elements of coding than others. No worries! There will be plenty of opportunities to specialise.

It is too late for me to become a developer.

Coder Academy has witnessed students in their forties (and even fifties!) make successful career transitions into coding. It’s never too late.

I need to be a genius to become a developer.

With coding, talent only gets you so far… To be truly great requires hard work and dedication! It’s like a muscle: The more you use it, the better you’ll be. Plus, there are many things you can only pick up with experience and in time.

It’s not for me.

It doesn’t matter what background you’re from. In fact, it can even be an advantage! It’s increasingly recognised that to design truly good software means understanding the industries you work within and creating viable solutions to that particularly industry/company’s problems.

Bringing your prior experience to the table will set you apart from the competition, as you’ll be able to ask insightful questions from two different angles – product and software. Look at you go, you double-threat!

It takes too long to learn.

How long it takes to become job-ready depends largely on your drive and your persistence. It’s 100% possible to be ready for an entry level job in six months if you are dedicated to the cause. In fact, that’s exactly where our Fast Track Course aims to get you.

I need serious math skills.

This is more applicable to computer science than web development. What’s most important is decent ability in quantitative thinking, lateral thinking, algebra, logic, and, above all: strong problem solving skills. If you end up using math, it’s more a reflection of the job you chose or the industry you’re in than web development or programming itself.

I need a university degree.

Nope! If you’re good at programming, and you can prove it, you’re almost guaranteed to be hired by someone, somewhere. There are far fewer programmers with university degrees than you might think. University is only a prerequisite for R&D departments tackling cutting-edge computer science problems. There are no formal credentials required for a career in web development. A formal qual merely smooths the way, hence our nationally recognised Diploma of Software Development.

I’ll never fit into nerd culture.

Lucky you, you don’t need to fit into nerd culture! There will always be “stereotypical” programmers – from the archetype established in the 80s with ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ – but this is becoming less and less pervasive. You’ll find plenty of people with interests outside of sci-fi and tech, and even coding. Even we’ve been surprised by the diverse range of passions and interests our students bring to the table.

I’ll never interact with anyone.

Of course it can depend on where you work, but programming is actually a very social career. You’ll frequently discuss how to solve problems with your co-workers, and even your friends. Programming is teamwork, especially when you work at larger companies, where you must ensure what you’re doing fits in with everyone and everything else. Clearly, coding doesn’t stay as only you and your computer for long! You’ll participate in activities like stand-ups, code reviews, pair programming, and even the daily lunch. There’s no shortage of social activity if that’s what you’re after.

So, what does this mean?

There’s no better time to get started than now! Stop neglecting a future career you’ll love because you’ve fallen into a trap of myths. Your age? An advantage. You’ve waited long enough to realise what you want out of life and a career. Your current or previous job? An advantage. You have experience in another industry that will be valuable in whatever path you take as a coder. Set on uni? No need. A reputable coding bootcamp will teach you all of the skills you’ll need to be employed, so there’s no better time to accelerate the launch of your coding career than now. Not a nerd? Doesn’t matter. In fact, to not fit into nerd culture has its benefits. We’ve seen amazing students complete our course from unanticipated fields like philosophy and pharmaceuticals.

So, stop waiting. Dive into a career you love in 23 weeks. Learn how.

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