Student Spotlight: Grey Joyner

Student Spotlight: Grey Joyner


Our students are the heartbeat of our organisation. We love hearing each and every one of their stories from where they have come from to what inspired them to join a coding bootcamp. We recently caught up with Grey Joyner, a Web Development Student currently enrolled in our Standard Web Development (10 months duration) Bootcamp at our Sydney Campus.

Coder: Hi Grey,  thanks for sharing your story with us today. So, tell us first of all what was your motivation for doing our Standard Web Development bootcamp?
Grey: I wanted to explore the possibility of moving into a career in software development. I’d done some coding basics in the past and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to see if it was something worth pursuing further.

Coder: Well we're glad you did :-) Had you had any previous coding/web development experience before doing the bootcamp?
Grey: Yes, a bit. I did one course in high school and one in uni. But now that I’m 30, that was all a while ago! I did some intro to JavaScript stuff online before enrolling just to make sure I still enjoyed it. 

Coder: Did you have any misconceptions, fears or barriers before you decided to take the plunge?
Grey: I think I had a stereotype in my head about who a coder is. I am not particularly interested in getting the latest gadget or staying up late playing computer games, so previously I didn’t see myself as a coder. But I’ve since learned two things: (1) there’s a huge variety of people in coding and (2) the most important thing is an interest in coding.

Coder: When you were looking at options on where to study can you tell us why you chose Coder Academy?
Grey: I have a friend in the US who works in software development. He went through the bootcamp route, so he understands the bootcamp concept well. I showed him the syllabus for this course as well as for other ones I was considering, and he thought this one looked the most comprehensive. Plus, the internship program at the end seems like a plus!

Coder: Have your studies been affected during Covid at all? 
Grey: I appreciated the flexibility of being able to join online if I want to. For example, one day I woke up with a sore throat and had to get a covid test (which luckily was negative). Despite this, I was still able to join the course online that week. The one downside is that some students have been preferring to join online, which can hinder the in-person experience for those of us who prefer to go into class.

Coder: Are you currently working in the Tech Industry? 
Grey: No. At the moment I’m doing some part-time work at a nonprofit and building my own LGBTQ mentorship program. Before that, I worked in consulting and corporate strategy.

Coder: We'd love to hear about a project you recently completed while doing your course. Is there something you can share with us that you're super proud of?
Grey: I was proud of building the game Battleship in the terminal as my final project for Term 1. I implemented some logic to the computer’s moves which was fun to think through. I also enjoyed building my own website!

Coder Academy student work titled Battleship

Coder: What skills from your previous career or study have been valuable during your course? 
Grey: Project and time management have been useful throughout the course. Public speaking skills have also been useful when presenting my work. Lastly, my maths background (I studied maths in uni) helped with Computer Science fundamentals, although not everyone needs to be a maths whiz to do well in the course.

Coder: What do you hope to do once you complete your bootcamp?
Grey: Mostly I just want a job! I’m not sure exactly what – the company culture is more important to me than the actual work, although I do see myself as maybe being more of a backend person than a frontend person (design and HTML/CSS aren’t my strong suits!).

Coder: Do you have any study tips for anyone thinking about joining a coding bootcamp?
Grey: Do some online coding before you sign up (e.g. an intro course in Udemy or Codecademy) just to make sure you want to commit to coding. If possible, clear as much of your schedule as you can – even those of us in the bootcamp are spending a decent amount of time on the course, and don’t have the time to work more than a few days per week. And come ready to put in the effort! That’s how you’ll get the most out of the course.

Coder:  Finally… we’d love to know… What was the last song/music you listened to? 
Grey: Maggie Rogers – Love You For A Long Time

Coder: Last Podcast you listened to?
Grey: Making Gay History

Coder: Last TV show you watched? 
Grey: Wild Wild Country (docco about a cult in Oregon)

Coder: Last social media site you visited? 
Grey: Reddit

Coder: Last thing that made you smile? 
Grey: Going on a boat in the Sydney Harbour with some friends on a beautiful day! smiley

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