The Best Way to Learn Penetration Testing

The Best Way to Learn Penetration Testing

There is a huge shortage of Cyber Security talent in the global market. Estimates from ISACA suggest that there will be a 2 million gap in skilled people by 2019. However, there appears to be confusion about:

  • The ideal skills these 2 million people would possess

  • The most efficient and effective way of acquiring those skills

One of the key issues faced in the technology market is the speed of change. People studying or learning about Cyber Security need to not only develop specific technical skills, they need to hone their ability to adapt to the ever changing threats. They need to be able to extrapolate the information they learnt yesterday and apply it in a new way to new problems. They also need to be able to communicate what they are doing and collaborate effectively with large teams of people.

These are just some of the reasons why learning the fundamentals of web app development, networks and penetration testing in the new Coder Academy Cyber Security Bootcamp is a great way to give people wishing to enter this profession a range of choices moving forward.

After completing the 7 month, Coder Academy, Cyber Security Bootcamp course you will be:

  • ready to operate as a junior penetration tester on the pathway to your OSCP or other industry certification

  • across the technical foundations of cyber security to start a career in risk management or information security and audit

  • differentiate yourself as a security aware junior developer. Coders who understand the threat landscape and have the confidence to write security conscious code are the security champions in demand.

Bootcamp style courses have become quite fashionable both in the fitness and technology industries. They are designed to challenge participants and get results fast! The Coder Academy Bootcamps have evolved into a product that goes beyond the traditional Bootcamp. They are still incredibly intense, they are based around agile methodologies, they promote resilience and adaptability. However, we have looked hard at how we can develop our programs to better reduce overwhelm and improve understanding. We focus on educational and psychological strategies that drive improved absorption of information. Our students are in rooms with our trainers, 40+ hours a week and they are provided with enormous amounts of educational and emotional support during the bootcamp, while they are on internships and even once they are employed.

The key question around Bootcamps is how quickly can skills be learnt and absorbed in a meaningful way? Naturally this depends on a range of factors including the complexity of the skill, the prior experiences and engagement of the students. After 4 years of running highly successful Web Development Bootcamps for career changers with no prior coding experience, we have determined that 6 months of 40 hours per week of face to face instruction is just enough if you are trying to provide a solid grounding in two full coding stacks (i.e. Ruby on Rails and Javascript). Three months would be the bare minimum for teaching one coding language. If you are considering Bootcamps that profess to teach you complex technical skills in shorter periods of time, I would strongly consider examining them more closely.

For more information on the Coder Academy Cyber Security Bootcamp starting on 12 November in Melbourne, visit:

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