What Coding Course Is Right For You?

What Coding Course Is Right For You?

I want to get a taste of coding and see how I like it.

Coding Kickstarter

Learn what it takes to be a programmer, and get a basic introduction to Ruby. See how a web app is created, and begin developing your own.

I want an introduction to coding, but to go a bit more in depth.

Coding For Beginners

This beginners course provides an in-depth introduction to HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails! Get a taste of what it’s like to work as a developer, and whether it’s a career path that appeals to you. This course provides a great stepping stone to potentially lead you into either our Web App Builder course or Fast Track Coding Bootcamp.

I want to be a be a front-end developer.

Introduction to JavaScript

Our JavaScript course is designed for people looking to dabble in front-end development, and create their own awesome interactive sites. Perhaps you already work as a designer, a visual creative, or a copywriter, and want to develop complementary skills. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of JavaScript: the language that rules the web, and is the next big thing in the wider development world. Frameworks will come and go, but JavaScript will endure for decades to come.

I’m already a developer, but I want to up-skill.

Time to React

If you’re currently a developer, and prefer structured learning, you’ll find our React course super helpful. Learn the ins and outs of the hottest JavaScript library on the market. In less than two months, you’ll be well-versed enough to get work as a React developer. If you’re new to the world of JavaScript, we suggest you take our Introduction to JavaScript course first. To make the most out of React, previous knowledge of JavaScript is essential. From recreating Slack to making a Tinder-style app, you’ll leave the course able to fully show off your React skills.

I have a cool startup idea, and want to build an MVP.

Web App Builder

Everyone from startup entrepreneurs to working professionals wanting to up-skill have taken this course. Anna Robson, Cofounder of Refugee Talent, and Sam Henderson, Cofounder of Small Change, are two alums of this program. If you want to work in tech (not necessarily as a coder), this course provides insight into the culture and challenges of tech. Not to mention, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with developers and engineers!

I want to pursue a career in web/software development.

Fast Track Bootcamp

Our Fast Track Bootcamp course is Australia’s only nationally accredited coding bootcamp. This full-time, intensive 23-week course (guaranteed internship included) is designed for career changers who want to become professional web developers. You’ll learn programming fundamentals, as well as the hottest languages and frameworks. Throughout the course, you’ll also hone your professional skills through practice interviews, pair programming, and code reviews. By the end of the 23 weeks, you’ll be ready for some of the highest paying, intellectually challenging jobs on the market. This course is hard work, but absolutely worth it!

Coder Academy is the most loved Australian Coding Bootcamp provider according to Course Report. Our accredited coding Bootcamps will set you up for a new career in tech via our Fast Track Bootcamp or our Flex Track Bootcamp . Our immersive courses help students acquire in-demand skills through hands on, project-based training by industry educators and experts.

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