Top 8 Sites Built with Node.js

Top 8 Sites Built with Node.js


What is nodeJS?

nodeJS a javascript based server-side open source cross platform for designing server-side web applications, a development platform built on top of Google's V8 JavaScript virtual machine. It is designed to scale well, and supports many incredibly popular websites. It is useful to learn to code for many reasons. If you already know JavaScript, it’s easy to pick up, there is built in support for package management, it’s designed to make scaling real-time applications easy. Real time applications are any site where what one user does with an application needs to be seen by others instantly without refresh.

The Node platform does not follow the traditional model of receive, process, send, wait, receive, where only one request can be processed ‘at a time’, and so they have to be larger and more complex and often run concurrently. Instead, Node processes incoming requests in a constant event stack and sends small requests one after the other without waiting for responses.They can therefore support tens of thousands of concurrent users using less server resources. Now around for about six years, it is beginning to be regarded as a mature framework.

PayPal & eBay

PayPal is a payment processor. There were 4 billion transactions and 179 million Paypal accounts active in 2015. It is active in nearly every country in the world and money can be transferred in at least 100 currencies. PayPal moved to nodeJS because it massively simplified their development process. They could have one integrated web team instead of one for the the browser and another for the application. Their Java developers learned to code in nodeJS for the swap over and found they liked it better. PayPal’s parent company eBay is also built with nodeJS.


LinkedIn is a business networking and blogging platform. They have least 400 million users and a third of America have accounts. They chose Node.js because JavaScript is a programming language that is relatively easy to learn how to code and so it was easier to recruit. They rewrote their front-end in Node.js.


Google made their start by dominating search, and then systematically took over online advertising, cloud computing and software, mainly in productivity and office applications, like email, calendars, instant messaging, spreadsheets. The search service alone services 100 billion requests a month by 2015, making it the most visited website in the world.


There are 75 million Netflix accounts around the world in over 100 countries. Fifteen percent of Americans have a Netflix account. They made it possible to legally access a wider range of shows from overseas earlier. One reason Netflix moved to Node.js was because it significantly improved build times, allowing them to iterate faster, as they would no longer have to wait 40 minutes for it to compile.


Uber is a transport app that provides ridesharing and taxi-cab hailing services. It’s cashless transaction process and provision of estimation when a cab would arrive, combined with an aggressive marketing strategy powered by VC funding enabled it to pull ahead of competitors. Available in 381 cities and all habitable continents, they have raised over a billion in VC funding over their life. Uber uses Node.js for their dispatch system matching drivers and riders.


GitHub is a web application that makes version control easier to use by providing a graphical interface, as well as collaboration tools. They use Node.js to serve downloads of repositories.


Medium makes it easier to blog. It was founded by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in 2012. It has a WYSIWYG interface and combines the best features from other content publishing platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Wordpress. It rapidly climbed in popularity and currently has over 25 million unique readers every month.


Trello is a project management tool which makes it easy to create customised Kanban boards and to-do lists. It has over 10 million users as of 2015. Their server infrastructure is built with Node.js to enable instant propagation of updates. They use node-mongodb-native for their DB, structured data sharing in node_redis, and other Node.js libraries to build their server.

By Ashley Graf

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