The Perfect Blend of Business & Code: Meet Our Sydney Lead Teacher

The Perfect Blend of Business & Code: Meet Our Sydney Lead Teacher


Trent is our resident ‘master of all trades’. With expertise in business analysis, founding charities, and software enterprise architecture, he is very much the big picture thinker at Coder Academy. And he’s only 27!

He is ‘the process man’ of our team and very focused on teaching the students problem solving skills above all else -- skills he has used in his career to go from strength to strength.

Trent has had a lot of success at a very young age, achieving what would be typically defined as conventional success -- rising up the corporate ladder at a prominent large corporation -- without traversing the standard pathway, i.e. top marks at an elite university, followed by summer internships, and roles at big uni volunteer societies, before finally landing a grad role.

Trent’s atypical trajectory is what we're all about here at Coder Academy. We find great pleasure in creating innovative means for your ends, and unique ways to get you where you want to be. Trent never even enrolled in university, but rather used his previous experience at other companies to move his way up at Woolworths, where he worked there for four years.

Following his time at Woolies, Trent felt the urge to give back, and decided there’d be no better way than to educate Australia’s future tech workforce. Much of Trent’s work is concentrated around teaching our students how to bring innovative ideas to corporate environments, in other words how to defy expectations and break down barriers.

Trent is also a proud advocate of indigenous employment. He has worked on and started many projects around the issue, including a national non-profit organisation that works with Indigenous university students and private sector companies to create career pathways through a structured internship program.

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