The Full Stack with Nandini Nayak: Meet Our Newest Teaching Assistant

The Full Stack with Nandini Nayak: Meet Our Newest Teaching Assistant


Nandini decided to join us after mentoring our first intake earlier this year, and decided she liked us so much, she wanted to work with us full time.

She is from India, where she worked in embedded software  for 4 years, as both an analyst and a software engineer, before switching to web development when she moved to Australia.

At uni & her former work, Bosch, Nandini has been a top performer. She has mentored her peers, and run workshops and expos. She loves to travel and is indeed often spotted planning her next trip. She worked in Germany & Japan as part of her previous role, and picked up quite the proficiency! 

Nandini has worked in everything from Hadoop (big data) to CAN (this is a vehicle bus protocol that allows micro-controllers to communicate in Cars and other vehicles.) to CSS (front end web). This is well and truly the fullest stack of knowledge and skills you could possibly have in technology. As such, she is the source of many insights on hardware and IoT development, an ever growing field, and one that many of our students could join, as a) our approach is to teach programming fundamentals that they can transfer to such domains, and b) JavaScript is increasingly moving into IoT.

Coming from the almost purely theory based studying of Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, an Indian university specialising in engineering, she likes the project-based approach of studying in Australia, and more specifically, Coder Academy.

Having worked in a company full of productive intellectual debate, and an almost family like atmosphere, she is well prepared to bring that atmosphere to our classroom. With her successful move from IoT to web, she’s well equipped to teach students how to transfer their skills and make their career transition.

Nandini is truly multilingual, both in coding languages, and not-coding languages, so to speak.

A very upbeat person, she brings a light positive energy to the classroom. She is eager to see if she can transfer her wealth of experience from academia and lower-level tech to the classroom.




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