Life after Coder Academy: Neil Anderson

Life after Coder Academy: Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson was one of the lucky students in our first intake. His journey into code started a little while back however, with self-learning and part-time courses. Soon enough though, he wanted to get serious with his potential career in tech, and fast. So he enrolled in Fast Track.

His biggest worry about  joining Fast Track was whether it was worth quitting his job for 6 months to study full-time. Now he’s glad he did, as he began on a great starting salary (75k) and in a job he finds very rewarding.

Previously, Neil was studying an IT diploma at TAFE. He was pleased to know that he has been able to transfer the skills he was learning in his network security major - penetration testing / Application security - to his job.

Neil’s final project was MEAN stack development for a community event webapp for Nyakkan Nyagu, which he found a massive learning experience.

One thing he likes about where he works (Stone and Chalk) is that the office overlooks the harbour bridge and in a great location and has an amazing office space. He is also able to work from home whenever he wants as well. 

For Neil, Fast Track prepared him to work as a developer, by adjusting him to spending long hours coding each day and learning new things.

Though he’s working full-time, he’s started an educational website on computer and cyber security all-sec, which we recommend you check out!.

Neil says that people who are able to persevere and challenge themselves without crumbling will do better at coding bootcamp, because there will be times where you’ll get stuck.  

The whole "If you want to be successful, then go to Uni and get a good job" is really not true at all. There's such a demand for developers and you can land some amazing jobs without needing a degree.

One of Neil’s current tasks at his work in Simple KYC is a web application for AMEX, the American credit card company. He’s been developing some pretty cool stuff. 'It's been rewarding having them as a client'. He was offered the job after impressing his bosses at our one-month internship. 

He found learning at Coder Academy such a different way of learning, very enjoyable, very hand-on and practical.

Simple KYC's product is in KYC: Knowing your customers - are they who they say they are? In Simple KYC's case, this applies to companies. They're a Software As A Service (SAAS) company which works in prevention of money laundering. Their aim is to work out who are the ultimate owners of the company. This means they store many sensitive documents, hence their laser-focus on information security. 

Simple KYC has around 14 staff, with offices in Spain and Australia. 

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