Data Science Bootcamp

Unlock the predictive power of Data, become an in-demand Data Scientist. 

Qualification: Higher Education Diploma of Data Science*

*Awarded by Academy of Information Technology (RTO: 90511, Registered Higher Education Provider: PRV12005). AIT is currently in the process of seeking regulatory accreditation for this course.

Course Overview

Why Study Data Science?

Australia needs more Data professionals, and fast. 

Transform your career with an *accredited Data Science Bootcamp that offers an optional 1-month industry internship. 

Coder Academy is currently in the process of attaining regulatory approval for its Data Science Bootcamp to be recognised as a Higher Education Diploma. Expressions of interest are sought from prospective students wishing to enrol in this program for our September 2022 intake. 

The *Diploma of Data Science aims to provide students with the capacity to tackle a wide variety of challenges using innovative data solutions in domains such as, but not limited to, finance, healthcare, entertainment, technology and government. Graduates from this diploma will be able to create analytical models to power data-intensive applications and build their understanding of how data management and analysis can enhance business outcomes.

Throughout the course, students will focus on how to make better and more ethical decisions using different sources of information and cutting-edge tools for data analysis, along with building an understanding of the current best practices in privacy-preserving data analysis. Students will also develop practical communication skills that are relevant for presenting information to both business and ICT professionals.

The material and assessments delivered during the course are focused on developing industry-relevant skills and preparing students for the workforce. This will be achieved through a Bootcamp model of delivery, with daily contextual activities and projects aimed at real-world outcomes.




*AIT is currently in the process of seeking regulatory accreditation for this course.

Course Content

Subjects and Term Breakdown

Term 1
PDA1001 Programming for Data Analytics

This subject introduces students to the usage of a programming language within the domain of data analytics. 

STA1002 Statistical Analysis

This subject focuses on teaching students techniques in data analytics, which are commonly used in major enterprises.

DEN1003 Data Engineering

Build automated pipelines to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from a given database with raw information into another, analytics database.

Term 2
MLG1004 Machine Learning

This subject teaches students how to discover patterns and relationships in aggregated data by building algorithms from a top-down, code-first approach.

CEP1005 Cloud Computing, Data Ethics and Privacy

This subject will expose students to industry-standard best practices in cloud computing for data professionals, data ethics, and privacy-preserving data analysis.

SED1006 Software Design for Data Professionals

This subject focuses on teaching students industry-standard best practices at the intersection of software engineering and data analysis.

Term 3

Students much choose 1 elective from the options below:

Elective 1: Industry Placement Program

This Placement Program will provide an opportunity for students to apply what they know, be mentored, receive feedback and seek opportunities for development in a real-world setting.

Elective 2: Industry Project

During this subject, students will complete an industry project of their choosing, based on the learning acquired during their studies.

Entry Requirements

Before you start

Domestic Applicants

All domestic candidates must:

  • Be aged 17 years or over (Applicants under 18 will require written parent/guardian consent); AND
  • Undertake an in-person or online interview with an Academic Admissions Officer, where applicants are encouraged to prepare a portfolio for consideration; AND
  • Have successfully completed Australian year 12 or equivalent and achieved a grade of not less than 70% in at least one STEM subject in year 12; OR
  • Possess a Certificate IV, VET Diploma or Higher Education Diploma; OR
  • Have successfully completed one year of full-time study in a degree course at a higher education provider; OR
  • Demonstrate significant interest and/or experience in a relevant field of work.
    • Students may be asked to demonstrate this through the submission of a CV, a short written piece, interview and or submission of an evidence portfolio.


Additionally, if further evidence of capacity is required, candidates may be called upon to demonstrate their suitability through one or more of the following:

  • Successful completion of an activity, which may require a test, demonstration, portfolio of relevant work or additional interview.
  • Demonstration of relevant work experience/qualification prior to entry, such as in programming, management or supervision, engineering, or roles that require the collation and analysis of information.
International Applicants

In addition to the above, international candidates must also meet the following minimum language requirements:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0) or equivalent which has been completed within the last 12 months

Diversity Scholarship

At Coder Academy, we’re passionate about looking for ways we can encourage diversity in the tech sector. With so few women and minority groups choosing Computer Science subjects and degrees, there is a strong need for confidence building via mentorship, role models, and an educational opportunity that translates into real world experience.

To combat the lack of diversity in technology, Coder Academy is proud to offer one Diversity Scholarship for each intake and campus of our standard and accelerated Bootcamps. The scholarship will cover 50% of the total course fees of $20,970. Scholarships will be judged on a creative submission, and finalists will be determined following an interview. Scholarship deadline is 14 days prior to course start date.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Scholarship deadline is 14 days prior to course start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the learning outcomes of this course?
  • Determine and apply the fundamental principles and components of data science, using industry-standard procedures.

  • Identify and apply the core elements of a programming language when constructing functioning programs.

  • Gather, clean and manipulate structured and unstructured data when undertaking data analytics projects.

  • Analyse, interpret and quantify outcomes using data from multiple domains.

  • Analyse and describe data using different statistical methodologies and industry relevant programming frameworks and techniques.

  • Work collaboratively to execute industry-relevant data science projects.

  • Demonstrate appropriate problem-solving techniques when solving diverse issues.

  • Explain machine learning and create applications backed by machine-learning algorithms.

  • Understand and apply legal, ethical and socially responsible practices when undertaking ICT projects.

  • Analyse and manage data using various platforms, including cloud computing.

  • Learn and adapt to current and emerging industry trends and examine the impact data management has on society.

  • Communicate effectively and report outcomes using appropriate tools and methods.

What does a typical day look like?

The Bootcamp is designed to be intensive and to replicate industry work-day demands within the classroom.

Daily Lecture

The lectures may take one of two formats:
  • Lecture/Tutorial where you will be introduced to a core concept by discussion and demonstration by the educator.
  • Theoretical lecture where the educator describes a core concept from an academic and industry perspective. This usually entails a class discussion and open questions.

Practical Exercises

During this section of the day, you will reinforce the mornings learning through practical tasks that align with standard workplace tasks and practices. This will often involve a problem stated from a business client’s perspective and a list of constraints


Review time is a session where students are able to ask questions about topics covered that day, ask for input or feedback on assessment tasks, or ask for general mentorship or other forms of support.

How long does the Bootcamp take to complete?

Our Data Science Bootcamp (Standard Delivery)  takes 10 months to complete, which includes a capstone elective where students can choose between the Bootcamp Industry Project or Bootcamp Placement Program (subject to meeting eligibility requirements). 

This allows for a sufficient length of time to cover the large amount of knowledge and skills that must be mastered to be job-ready in these fast-evolving industries.

What qualification will I receive?

Successful completion of assessments, coursework and sufficient attendance will lead to a nationally recognised Higher Education Diploma of Data Science by the Academy of Information Technology.

Academy of Information Technology (RTO: 90511, Registered Higher Education Provider: PRV12005).

Who teaches this Bootcamp?
The education team at Coder Academy includes a wealth of industry experience: former game developers who transitioned to the more lucrative web development market; freelance professionals still active in the industry; even a former Silicon Valley CTO. 
This diverse group is unified by a shared goal, helping to shape the future of the tech industry industry - one bootcamp grad at a time. Through their strong ties to industry, our educators keep their fingers on the pulse of the tech community, and they are passionate about sharing that knowledge to help upskill the next generation of developers.  
What payment options are available?

Payment options include:

  • Instalments.
  • Ezidebit Monthly Payments. 
  • FEE-HELP Loans - More details regarding FEE-HELP tuition loans are available at

Speak to a course advisor if you have any questions about payment options - we're here to help!

Student Services Policies

Please click here to refer to the Academy of Information Technology Student Services Policies on withdrawals, cancellations, refunds and FEE-HELP re-credit.

More Government Loan Scheme Information and Schedule of Fees

Can I get a credit transfer or RPL for prior study?

In some circumstances, there is the opportunity to apply for credit transfer or recognition of prior learning (RPL). Please speak to one of our course advisors if you have any questions.

You can view the AIT policy here.


What life skills will I learn?

Technical skills aren't the only important factor in getting a job in Data Science.

Coder Academy’s industry partners emphasise the importance of life skills. 

Our curriculum not only includes the technical knowledge you'll need for a career in Data Science but life skills, such as collaboration, communication, management skills, and emotional intelligence. 


What Our Coder Graduates Say About Us

"I wanted a career in Web development and through my research, I discovered that a Bootcamp would provide me with the quickest and most successful path into the tech industry. My experience with Coder Academy so far has been intense, challenging but absolutely worthwhile."

Chinonso John Nkpolukwu
Coder Academy Student

"Doing a Bootcamp has been very hard but so rewarding. The amount of growth I have experienced in these few months has been mind-blowing. I’m extremely motivated to find my first role and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me on my career change journey!"

Ana Lastoviria
Coder Academy Student