Important COVID-19 Update

The health, well-being, and safety of our students is our top priority. We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 advice from the Australian Government and Health Authorities. In the event that campuses must close, classes will be delivered online via our virtual classroom. Social distancing and other COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced whilst on campus. We will continue to monitor the situation and inform students of any changes as they come to hand.

become a web developer in 10 mths

Pursue a rewarding career in technology with our standard duration Web Development Bootcamp. Work around existing commitments while gaining the skills you need to become a job-ready Full Stack Developer in just 10 months. Developers will gain the hands-on programming skills they need to soar in tech, graduate with the same nationally recognised and accredited Diploma of Information Technology, as well as have the opportunity to take part in a 4-week industry placement program with some of Australia’s most innovative companies.


At Coder Academy, we’re passionate about looking for ways we can encourage diversity in the tech sector. With so few women and minority groups choosing Computer Science subjects and degrees, there is a strong need for confidence building via mentorship, role models, and an educational opportunity that translates into real world experience.

To combat the lack of diversity in technology, Coder Academy is proud to offer one Diversity Scholarship for each intake and campus of our standard and accelerated Bootcamps. The scholarship will cover 50% of the total course fees of $20,970. Scholarships will be judged on a creative submission, and finalists will be determined following an interview. Scholarship deadline is 14 days prior to course start date.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Applications for the Feb 2022 intake will open on 14th Jan 2022.


Term breakdown

Term 1

You will be introduced to web development with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap and design your own personal portfolio website. This term also brings you up to speed with the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming using Ruby and exposes you to a wide range of computer science topics.

Term 2

Dive into web application development with Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular technology stacks in the startup world. Learn the application design process using modern tools and create apps to add to your portfolio. Become proficient with database design, session management and payment systems.

Term 3

Now you’re ready to take on the challenge of JavaScript & React, plus optional content in MongoDB, Express, and Node.js. Developers with these skills are in high demand and attract generous salaries. Being able to use Ruby on Rails as a back end API interacting with React will also increase the opportunities available to you. Start your career off right!

Optional Industry Placement


HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Git, JavaScript, APIs, React.

Soft Skills

Technical skills aren’t the only thing that matter when getting a job in tech. All of Coder Academy’s industry partners strongly emphasise the importance of Soft Skills, which is of critical importance when assessing the success of our coding Bootcamp students. Students are expected to collaborate, communicate, and help each other out. Agile methodology and other developer tools are also utilised in the classroom to emulate the real-world work environment.


All of our Web Development Bootcamp projects replicate those often encountered in the industry. Students are given a business problem from which they will derive requirements, build a solution, and deploy an application to the web. The students are assessed on their execution across a number of perspectives.

Units of Study

Term 1

  • INT1012 - Introduction to Web
  • CMP1041 - Foundation Programming
  • CMP1042 - Information Systems

Term 2

  • PRG1002 - Programming I
  • PRG1048 - Database Systems
  • PRG1010 - Discrete Mathematics

Term 3 (I)

  • PRG1006 - Programming II
  • CMP1043 - Introduction to Software Engineering

Term 3 (II)

  • PRG1006 - Programming II
  • CMP1043 - Introduction to Software Engineering

Computer Science Fundamentals

Our Web Development Bootcamp is all about hands-on and practical experience, but in order to understand the ‘why’, students will be taught Computer Science fundamentals including: computer networking, database design, and discrete mathematics. This knowledge will come in handy for students who decide to progress into a Computer Science or IT degree at university!


Graduate with a Diploma of Information Technology, awarded by The Academy of Information Technology (PRV12005)

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14 FEBRUARY 2022