Diversity Scholarship — Code, Cloud & Cyber Security Bootcamp

Application Deadline:
Monday, 4th May at 11:59PM AEST


Coder Academy is offering one student the opportunity to receive a subsidy for the Code, Cloud & Cyber Security Bootcamp.

  • Scholarship Value:

    The scholarship will cover 50% of the total domestic tuition fees of $19,980 for the Code, Cloud & Cyber Security Bootcamp.

  • How to Apply:
    • Step 1: Complete the Code, Cloud and Cyber Application form
    • Step 2: Complete the Diversity Scholarship application form including a 3 minute video addressing: why you want to join the Code, Cloud and Cyber Bootcamp, why you are deserving of the scholarship and someone in technology who inspires you.

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

This scholarship is only open to students who enrol directly with Coder Academy. Any enrolments via an agent or other recruitment organisations will not be eligible for participation.

You must be available to attend a scholarship application interview as part of the scholarship awarding process.

You must meet all other usual eligibility and entry requirements.

To be considered for this high profile scholarship, the applicant must, as an ambassador of Coder Academy:

  • Demonstrate willingness and ability to undertake full time intensive study.
  • Demonstrate interest in pursuing a rewarding career in tech.
  • Possess strong communication and personal skills.
  • Continually engage with the tech community.

Along with completing the online application forms, you are required to submit a 3 minute video addressing the questions listed in the scholarship application form.


The scholarship program winners will be judged on criteria including:

  • Passion for pursuing a career in Information Technology & Security
  • Commitment to encouraging more diversity within the tech and cyber security industry
  • Personality and engagement with the tech space

Applicant will need to go through (at least) 1 interview:

  • General admissions interview + scholarship interview with the Admissions Officer based on your online application form and video submissions

An applicant’s financial status or personal circumstances will not be considered in the evaluation process.


  • All scholarship applications must be original works and created entirely by the scholarship applicant.
  • This scholarship award covers tuition fees equivalent to 50% of total course fees at Coder Academy only.
  • The scholarship is not transferable to other people or other educational institutions.
  • The scholarship is not exchangeable for cash, and the scholarship winner is not entitled to any monetary refund under any circumstances.
  • Coder Academy will retain full discretion over the scholarship assessment and awarding process, and no appeal process may be entered into
  • This scholarship does not cover the cost of software, consumables, stationery, accommodation, or other costs that may be necessary to undertake Coder Academy’s courses.
  • Coder Academy accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible, corrupted or misdirected entries.
  • All video submissions submitted become the property of Coder Academy.
  • Each scholarship applicant guarantees the right to transfer these works to Coder Academy. Coder Academy may use application materials submitted in any way and medium.
  • Coder Academy reserves the right not to award the scholarship if no entry meets its judging criteria.

Scholarship winners are required to:

  • Complete Coder Academy’s entire enrolment process and provide all supporting documentation.
  • Agree to Coder Academy’s policies and procedures.
  • Commence their course at the agreed upon date and undertake a full-time subject load.
  • Agree to participate in promotional activities as requested by Coder Academy for a period extending 6 months after the scholarship benefit period. These activities may include, but are not limited to, attending events and student career fairs. Coder Academy will cover any costs to the scholarship winner for undertaking these promotional activities.
  • Consent to their name and photograph being used in Coder Academy’s promotional material.
  • Acknowledge that should they need to repeat any particular subject, the additional cost of this repeated subject will not be covered under the scholarship.
  • Acknowledge that in the event that they cease full time study or withdraw from the course, any remaining scholarship benefit will be forfeited and all outstanding fees must be paid.
  • Acknowledge that Coder Academy accepts no liability for any personal tax implications that may arise from being awarded this scholarship. Independent financial advice must be sought externally.

Scholarships may be forfeited if the scholarship award holder:

  • Fails to abide by the conduct rules outlined in the Coder Academy student handbook.
  • Fails their examinations without good cause.
  • Resigns from their scholarship or discontinues studies with Coder Academy.
  • Commits a breach of any of the rules and conditions outlined in this document and the Offer Letter.