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Who We Are

Since 2015, Coder Academy has provided a range of coding bootcamps, workshops, online tutorials, part-time courses, and corporate programs across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Using our innovative learning framework, we provide our students with the knowledge, skill sets and network to bring even the most far-fetched ideas to life.

As Australia’s only accredited coding bootcamp provider and premier technology educator, we empower people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, with invaluable skill-sets and global employment opportunities. Our mission is to promote equality and drive innovation via kick-@$$ technology training.

The Coder Academy Difference

We’re not just passionate about encouraging individuals into technology, we’re also committed to helping existing workforces gain the skills the future of work demands. Combining our disruptive education model with face-to-face, hands-on training, Coder Academy has distinguished itself across a range of industries from finance to law due to the successful development of bespoke, high quality technical courses and bootcamps to help upskill and retrain staff working for some of Australia’s most reputable businesses.


How We Can Help Your Digital Transformation Thrive

Here are a few options for you to consider:

  1. Employees can join one of our 6 month or 10 month Coding or Cyber Security Bootcamps as part of a company’s professional development, reskilling or return-to-work programs.
  2. In-house programming courses/bootcamps using our existing curriculum to upskill or retrain employees across business departments and/or units (e.g Web Development, Data Science, Microsoft Excel, etc.)
  3. Customisable bootcamps specifically tailored to your business needs and strategies

All of our corporate bootcamps, short courses and training are developed with your organisation’s business strategy, learning style, and unique challenges in mind to create a course that is effective, relevant and results driven.

Who we work with

I think the instructors are all amazing people who are very fun, kind and easy to talk to. I'm really thankful I got to experience bootcamp and I think the whole experience brought the 20 of us together and made us a close unit with a lot of team spirit. In a way, being in an intense, challenging bootcamp made me more resilient and taught me the importance of approaching everything with a positive attitude.

~ Arusha Basu, Australia Post Tech Academy Student

I think the Tech Academy definitely increased my enthusiasm for technology and gave me more confidence in my ability to work in a tech area.

~ Nicola Smyth, Australia Post Tech Academy Student

Loved my time at the Coder Tech Academy Bootcamp. Thank you all for the effort you have put in over the past 3 months. Keep up the great work.

~ Garrett Ingram, Australia Post Tech Academy Student

Thank you for your commitment and for everything that you have taught me. It was a fantastic experience despite being extremely hard at times. I certainly won't be forgetting the past three months and it has greatly opened up my potential.

~ Latifa Karmay, Australia Post Tech Academy Student

This has been one of the best and most engaging learning experiences I have ever had. The progressive approach to learning combined with the passionate and dedicated educators was amazing and I feel lucky to have experienced this style of education. If only everyone could see it and help institute it across all education systems.

~ Henri Pryde, Australia Post Tech Academy Student

Thank you all for your hard work - I know that us Tech Academy Assoc's put you in a hard place as representatives and having so much face time, but you have genuinely gone above and beyond your roles in terms of jobs and function for Tech Academy. Incredibly grateful for you all and without your patience and support, unsure if I would've been here writing this feedback survey.

~ Jessica Tekin, Australia Post Tech Academy Student


Meet Your Developer Match

It is no secret that Coder Academy is super passionate about nurturing the best and brightest developers and cyber security professionals, who complete our courses ready to launch into lucrative careers in technology. Aside from honing our developers’ technical prowess, we also place a strong focus on workplace methodologies and soft skills to ensure our students aren’t just your best tech bet, but an awesome cultural fit for your growing team.

Hear What Our Partners Think

Over the last 18 months, Skedulo has participated in three Internship programs with Coder Academy. The quality of the interns in terms of their relevant technical knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm has been fantastic. Students coming out of Coder Academy Bootcamps are in my opinion more ready for fast pace engineering environments than students coming out of Universities. I would highly recommend any Software Engineering shop to take a look at Coder Academy the next time they want run an Internship program.

~ Russell Adcock, Director of Engineering, Skedulo

Our Coder Academy interns far exceeded our expectations, demonstrating fantastic problem solving, communication, and technical skills. They integrated extremely effectively into the team and deployed code to production within the first week. We were amazed at how quickly they learned and were able to deliver a huge amount of business value in a short time.

~ Paul Pagnan, Software Engineer, Formerly Kent & Lime

Sam interned with us for four weeks, and we are so pleased that he did. He got some good work experience, and we got a great Junior Developer. Sam joined us full time at the end of his internship. We look forward to having more Coder Academy interns in the future!

~ Ted Tencza, CTO,

EventHub finds it hard to find quality developers who understand and are skilful in new technologies. Luckily, Coder Academy helped us find and hire new developers who have the right skills and fit for an organisation like ours. Our last hire started on our intern program, and has quickly become a key member of our team and a significant part of our plans for the future.

~ Scott Hyde, Founder & CEO, EventHub

We would hire from Coder Academy again without hesitation.

~ Oliver Berger, Co-founder, Gorilla Stack

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