Teaching during a global pandemic has presented many challenges – particularly replicating quality teaching in an online environment. 

Ed is a next-generation, innovative digital learning platform designed for teaching programming, data science and other computing and STEM subjects.

Ed has provided solutions and opportunities for novel teaching methods, which have been harnessed by Coder Academy, enabling a seamless transition from on-campus to online courses whilst maintaining student engagement and interaction. 

There's seamless integration with our student learning platform, Canvas, and robust protection of student data. Ed protects student privacy with strong data security safeguards, including not sharing data with any third parties which also means no advertising or other annoyances. Data is hosted in Australia for Australian customers.


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Coder Academy is a quality private education college offering accelerated-learning bootcamps to help people transform careers at pace. 

We are the original Australian coding bootcamp. Our courses are designed to be intense; compressing qualifications that take up to 2 years or more into shorter periods of 6 or 10 months; without compromising learning outcomes.

What makes us unique is the way we bring together our expertise in education with industry leaders to design courses to fill skills gaps locally.

We can be highly responsive and agile, unlike traditional providers. This means we are always relevant in producing industry-ready graduates. 


Hands-on, engaging learning

Hands-on, engaging learning

Today’s world demands a technologically skilled workforce that can solve complex problems and create impactful solutions. Coder Academy’s wide range of technology and coding courses deliver high quality, cutting-edge content in an immersive, collaborative, and hands-on environment. Choose from a range of durations and delivery styles that suits your needs, including full-time, part-time, and short courses.

Industry driven education

Industry driven education

The dynamic fields Coder Academy specialises in teaching - like web development and data science - rapidly evolve. That’s why we continuously pilot, launch, and pivot programs to respond to market demand and ensure our tools and techniques keep up with the constant evolution of those used by industry. Our expert team of curriculum coordinators, educators, and industry partners continuously review and refresh our content to ensure relevancy and demand. By using feedback and insights to iterate before each intake, we create courses that result in the outcomes you’re after.

Build your network

Build your network

Foster strong industry relationships through our network. With access to Coder Academy’s partners from top-tier tech companies, students develop meaningful connections with expert educators, mentors, guest speakers, internship providers, and more.


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My decision to do the Accelerated Bootcamp was the best decision of my life. Learning to code is an empowering, and in my case, life-changing experience. The environment created by the staff and teachers is friendly, relaxed, and extremely collaborative. The exposure to industry leaders via weekly talks is invaluable, and the internship at the end of the course has allowed me to create a network of contacts and learn how development actually happens in the real world. The Coder Academy team is amazing, and I owe them such a debt of gratitude for the opportunities they have provided.

Tristan Southwell

Junior Developer @ Hireup

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The Coder Academy Accelerated Bootcamp is a great experience from start to finish. Throughout the course, we were introduced to many technologies, frameworks and tools, all of which I have since used and relied on as a working professional web developer. The teachers and supporting staff are extremely knowledgeable and are only too happy to answer questions and explain concepts in detail. I was blown away by the level of support received at the end of the course in gaining employment.

Justin Davidson

Full-Stack Developer @ Mentally Friendly

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The Coder Academy 6-month bootcamp is an intensive and thorough introduction to full-stack web development. I found the experience to be both thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. The course covers an array of skills that will give you the knowledge and tools you need to become employable as a full-stack web developer. Another strength of the course is the interaction you will get with developers within the industry. I have come out of the course with great friends and good memories.

Alex Karolis

Full-Stack Developer @ Event Hub

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I got exactly what I wanted out of this course and more. I started off knowing very little code and had failed many times at trying to learn programming basics. This course took me from un-employable to employed in six months through the help of the team at Coder Academy. The team are all great sources of learning and are committed to help you succeed. I can safely say that looking back I met many great people through this course and learnt critical skills to the industry. If you are looking to learn coding and also have a career, this is the course for you.

Mark Pereira

Full-Stack Developer @ Event Hub

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The Accelerated Bootcamp at Coder Academy was an absolutely amazing experience. The knowledge, experience, and mentorship I gained through my time at Coder Academy have been invaluable to my success in entering the tech industry as a developer. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to enter tech, no matter their background or existing skill-set!

Winnie Street

Junior Developer @ Mobecom

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The six months that I spent doing the Accelerated Bootcamp for software/web development has been the most productive period of my educational experience. The trainers who made this happen quickly built a friendship with everyone in the class, making the overall course fun and each day something to look forward to. I have never known a school to be so effective and supportive, and absolutely have to recommend Coder Academy to anybody thinking of walking down the path of a developer.

Will Dunlop

Full-Stack Developer @ Gorilla Stack

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The staff here are an amazing bunch of people! The most important part of the course is the industry connections you get from all of the guest mentors that come in. They make sure to tailor the talks to what you're learning so it stays relevant and gives you industry perspective. Getting re-skilled as a developer will pay off exponentially as these skills will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Rob Hung

Junior Developer @ Trioxis



The engineering discipline and level of proficiency in programming that Alex is at is above & beyond what we expect from an internship program – and now he’s officially part of our engineering team.

~ Shine Li, CTO @ EventHub

During their internship, the Coder Academy students got great insight into the way that our business works and the culture of our business. Coder Academy match us with interns that fit in with us, and align us with interns that actually have the right attributes that can actually connect well with our business.

~ Liam Ridgeway, Co-Founder @ NGNY

When it comes to actually coding, I would say a Coder Academy type course plus your own learning and experience is the best way to become a modern open source coder.

~ Scott Hyde, Director of Operations @ Event Hub

Coder Academy is very project-based and my peers who went through and studied coding at universities experienced a very different style of education, which is much more textbook driven and looking at older frameworks. At university, one of the problems (that doesn’t exist at Coder Academy) is that students don’t learn about how projects are run.

~ Chris Hexton, CEO + Co-Founder @ Vero

The way that we work with Coder Academy junior developers is we give them real world projects that we guide them through. As they’re working through the projects, we ensure that they’re on the right path and give them advice and guidance as they do them.

~ Garret Blankenship, Senior Technical Lead @ Leafcutter

Tanim and Farhan interned with us for a month at Code the Future. They were able to finish both of our two week sprints two days early! They worked independently and provided a heap of value towards our goals. Their knowledge and skills enabled us to grow as an organisation and they were a huge asset. Thank you Coder Academy! Highly recommended!

~ Jarod Guthrie, Developer @ Code the Future