The engineering discipline and level of proficiency in programming that Alex is at is above & beyond what we expect from an internship program – and now he’s officially part of our engineering team.

~ Shine Li, CTO @ EventHub

During their internship, the Coder Academy students got great insight into the way that our business works and the culture of our business. Coder Academy match us with interns that fit in with us, and align us with interns that actually have the right attributes that can actually connect well with our business.

~ Liam Ridgeway, Co-Founder @ NGNY

When it comes to actually coding, I would say a Coder Academy type course plus your own learning and experience is the best way to become a modern open source coder.

~ Scott Hyde, Director of Operations @ Event Hub

Coder Academy is very project-based and my peers who went through and studied coding at universities experienced a very different style of education, which is much more textbook driven and looking at older frameworks. At university, one of the problems (that doesn’t exist at Coder Academy) is that students don’t learn about how projects are run.

~ Chris Hexton, CEO + Co-Founder @ Vero

The way that we work with Coder Academy junior developers is we give them real world projects that we guide them through. As they’re working through the projects, we ensure that they’re on the right path and give them advice and guidance as they do them.

~ Garret Blankenship, Senior Technical Lead @ Leafcutter

Tanim and Farhan interned with us for a month at Code the Future. They were able to finish both of our two week sprints two days early! They worked independently and provided a heap of value towards our goals. Their knowledge and skills enabled us to grow as an organisation and they were a huge asset. Thank you Coder Academy! Highly recommended!

~ Jarod Guthrie, Developer @ Code the Future


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