Every year, more and more of us are storing our personal and company data “in the Cloud”. According to CIO, 2018 saw 96% of businesses implement cloud computing to make sure employees had easier access to company-wide data from anywhere, at anytime. For individuals, cloud technologies have also become the new normal. Many of us continue to migrate to the cloud so that the 2.5 billion gigabytes of data we produce daily is stored safely.

However, such enormous growth comes at a price. Year on year, cyber attacks and data breaches have grown just as aggressively and quickly as cloud technologies. The first half of 2019 saw 4.1 billion records exposed, and the threat of cyber security risks is not looking to decrease anytime soon. With countries like Australia only having 7% of the cyber security talent it needs, it’s important we begin to equip ourselves with the skills we need to keep our organisations and citizens safe.

Coder Academy’s new online Code, Cloud & Cyber Security Bootcamp enables you to become a cyber-aware Back End Developer capable of building scalable cloud solutions in just 10 months. Our developers graduate with a nationally recognised higher ed Diploma of IT, a chance to sit the esteemed AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, and the opportunity to participate in a 1 month optional internship in industry.


Canvas allows you to interact with your instructor and peers, just as you would if you were learning in a face-to-face class. It also provides access to learning resources, video, audio, real-time sharing of presentations – and includes collaborative features such as a live whiteboard, breakout rooms and discussion boards. You will have the same level of access to our academic and student support teams that you would have on campus, plus a direct line to an amazing e-learning support team. Through the leading e-learning platform we have chosen, you will receive an equally rich, engaging, and hands-on learning experience on par with our on-campus delivery.


Coder Academy’s Code, Cloud & Cyber Security Bootcamp is the first of its kind in Australia enabling students to gain a higher ed Diploma of Information Technology, as well as the option to undertake the popular AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an optional 1-month industry internship (*eligibility criteria applies) upon successful completion of the program.

Our Code, Cloud & Cyber Bootcamp takes your knowledge and skills to the next level as we train you to become job-ready back-end developers who are cyber aware and well-versed in cloud technologies.

The bootcamp is an intensive, industry-led education model with a focus on hands-on, practical learning that prepares students for entry level roles in Back-end Development, Cloud Engineering, DevOps, and much more, by teaching them the fundamentals of programming and computer science in a supportive and engaging environment.



Coder Academy’s Code, Cloud and Cyber Security Bootcamp is the first of its kind in Australia! The 10-month long, immersive, practical bootcamp will prepare those with an interest and passion in IT, DevOps, Cloud Technologies or Cyber Security for a career in the world’s fastest growing industries. With educators direct from the industry leading the course, the Code, Cloud, and Cyber Bootcamp will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to launch your career. Upon successful completion of the course, all students are also eligible for a 1-month optional internship, offering you the opportunity to put your newfound skills to the test within a startup, digital agency or larger tech company.

What you’ll learn

HTML, CSS, Python, oh my!

INT1012 - Introduction to Web
CMP1041 - Foundation Programming

You will first be introduced to programming with HTML/5, CSS to design and build your own personal portfolio website. This term also brings you up to speed with the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming using Python to build your first terminal app and exposes you to a wide range of computer science topics.

Cyber Security, APIs & the Cloud

PRG1002 - Programming I
PRG1010 - Discrete Mathematics

In term two, you will continue honing your Python programming skills, along with being introduced to networking, cyber security basics, APIs, the cloud, and discrete mathematics. You will build a peer-to-peer application as your major project for this term.

Level Up Your Cyber Skills

CMP1042 - Introduction to Information Systems
PRG1048 - Database Systems

Now you're ready to take your networking and cyber security skills to the next level! In Term 3, you will dive into database design, web server frameworks, application architecture, and start immersing yourself into cloud services. For your Term 3 project, you will be putting your system design skills to the test.

Get Immersed in the Cloud

PRG1006 - Introduction to Programming II
CMP1043 - Introduction to Software Engineering

In your final term, you will fully immerse yourself into cloud computing fundamentals, integrate cloud services with your applications, and showcase the skills you've learnt throughout the entire bootcamp in a major web application project.


  • Full time study load with online classes offering you constant guidance from educators in a supportive online environment.
  • Optional 1-month internship after the final term
  • Graduate with a nationally recognised, higher education qualification

Entry requirements

All domestic applicants must:

  • All applicants must be aged 18 and above; and
  • Successful completion of Australian Year 12 or equivalent; and
  • Successful in-person or online interview with an Admissions Officer, where applicants are encouraged to prepare a portfolio for consideration;
  • Alternative entry may be available in certain circumstances (e.g. where applicants have completed relevant work experience/qualification prior to entry);
  • Applicants may be required to undergo an Admissions Test prior to entry


Our course runs for 40 weeks (4 terms of 10 weeks), plus a 4-week optional internship. This allows for a sufficient length of time to cover the large amount of knowledge and skills that must be mastered to be job ready in these fast-evolving industries. Please check out our course guide for the broad range of topics we cover.

Daily Structure

100% Online - Virtual Classroom, 9am-5pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

9am - 1pm

Morning challenge, revision, content delivery on practical

2pm - 5pm

Afternoon challenge, practical exercises, one-on-one with educators

Soft skills

Technical skills aren't the only important factor in getting a job in Code, Cloud and Cyber. Coder Academy’s industry partners emphasise the importance of soft skills, which include collaboration, communication, management skills, and emotional intelligence. Agile methodology and other developer tools are also utilised in the classroom to emulate the real-world work environment.


Successful completion of assessments, coursework, and sufficient attendance will lead to the award of a higher education Diploma of Information Technology by the Academy of Information Technology.


The trainers for the Diploma of Information Technology are experienced educators and developers who make sure you are learning fundamentals of software development, assess your competence throughout the course and support you to get the most out of the learning opportunities offered in the course.

Course fees

Domestic: $19,980

Intake dates

May 2022


  1. What if I don’t have a laptop?

    You will need your own device to access your virtual classroom.

  2. What laptop specs are required?

    Please ensure your computer is 2015 or later with at least 8GB of RAM. You will have a better experience with a Mac or Linux but a computer with Windows 10 is also fine.

  3. Are there any other requirements or equipment needed?

    We will provide all software applications that are required throughout the course. Other than your own device and general stationery items there is nothing else you will need to bring.

  4. What is the expected commitment outside of class hours? Will I have homework?

    In order to complete the projects throughout the course students will need to spend time outside of class hours studying, practicing and working on assessments. The amount of time and effort you can put in will reflect what you get out of the course. It is suggested that students in the bootcamp would do at least 10 hours per week self-study. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

  5. Is there a part time option?

    The Code, Cloud & Cyber Bootcamp is designed to be an intensive and accelerated course, therefore no part time option is available.

  6. Is this course available to International students?

    Unfortunately this course is only available to domestic students. If you are interested in doing a coding bootcamp check out either our Fast Track and Flex Track bootcamps.


The Code, Cloud & Cyber Bootcamp is a great first step for graduates and career changers looking to start careers and/or develop their skills toward the following roles:

  • Back End Developer/Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevSecOps Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Systems Administrator


At Coder Academy, we’re passionate about looking for ways we can encourage diversity in the tech workforce, particularly in information security. Women currently hold only 11% of cyber security positions globally, and only 28% of tech in Australia is female. Unfortunately, these stats are similar for many other minority groups.

To combat the lack of diversity in the field of information security, Coder Academy is proud to offer Diversity Scholarships for the upcoming intake of the Code, Cloud & Cyber Bootcamp. The scholarship will cover 50% of the total course fee to open the door for those who need it most.

All scholarship entries will be judged on an application form and video submission, and finalists will be determined following an interview.

*Terms and conditions apply

Applications for next intake will open closer to course start date
Diversity Scholarships


MAY 2022